The new Geo Collection from Trendy Surfaces has finally arrived and is available to order! Designed in-house by the Trendy Surfaces team and produced using our very own material, the dynamic geo collection is unique and stylish in every way imaginable. Head over to our tile store in Anaheim to take a look at our newest collection of geometric designs that utilize some of our finest materials, including moon white limestone, various styles of Italian porcelain, and zebra marble. The original Geo collection includes ten different designs with four of the designs coming with two different color schemes. The first design in the Geo Collection drew its inspiration from a turtle’s shell, as is evident from its name, and was created using high quality Italian porcelain tiles. The second design, named “Chess” utilizes the timeless chessboard design with black and white square Italian porcelain tiles that would go well in just about any modern kitchen or bathroom remodel. The third design utilizes an elongated hexagon pattern and comes in two colors of fine textured Italian porcelain tiles. One is a cream colored and the other a bronze brown with a metallic sheen. Design four is named “Edge” for its clean grey and creamy-white parallelogram design. The fifth design, known as “Decoprint” again utilizes the trendy black and white motif in a unique trapezoid pattern of Italian porcelain tiles and white limestone. Design number six features two color motifs named “Woodland” and “Shadow Woodland” made with porcelain hardwood tiles. Mosaic design number seven is a unique chevron design bearing the name “Arrow,” and made with stunning zebra marble tiles. Its shadowy twin “Dark Arrow” was created using a dark limestone. Number eight comes in two motifs, named “Manifesto,” which features zebra marble, and “Overture” which was created with a fine dark Italian porcelain and white limestone. Number nine, aptly named “ZigZag” utilizes a combination of hardwood porcelain and moon white limestone. Finally, the tenth and largest design of the collection, “Kiterunner” makes a bold impression with its large triangles and beautiful porcelain hardwood texture. If you love the Geo collection as much as everyone else, does, do not hesitate to call our tile stores in Anaheim, Laguna Niguel, or Costa Mesa. Our team will be more than happy to help you out!