Glass is a ubiquitous material that has widespread application in virtually every industry. Glass can be formed or molded into any shape, and because it is a sterile product is the perfect material to include in bathroom and kitchen remodel projects.
Glass tile is a truly beautiful material that offers any room a unique visual appeal. With an enormous selection of colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from, your design options with glass are literally limitless. Glass also reflects light, which effectively makes your space appear brighter and oftentimes, larger. Since this versatile material is also translucent, whatever color you picked out at the beginning design stage will show all the way through the tile, providing an additional sense of depth and dimension to any room.
With the use of glass tiles, property owners can increase the aesthetic appeal of their home or business in an incredibly affordable way. In recent years, glass tiles and mosaics have become especially popular as used in kitchen backsplashes and luxury bathroom remodels. However, the versatility of glass tile makes it a perfect choice in virtually any room. The variety of shapes, sizes, and colors make it easy for our Trendy Surfaces design team to create a truly one of a kind look for your home that you are sure to love for years to come!
Glass mosaics are also a truly stunning addition to consider including in your next design project. Each unique mosaic is composed of smaller, intricately patterned glass tiles that can be tailored to suit your home’s singular style. Whether you’re planning a modern, edgy look for a kitchen or an ocean-inspired bathroom oasis let our design experts at Trendy Surfaces provide you with the exceptional quality and excellent service that your project deserves—all at the most competitive prices!
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