Because of its durability and inability to rust, glazed porcelain has been in use for personal hygiene solutions for hundreds of years. In building projects, porcelain tile is very resilient and an ideal choice for people who are looking for materials that are guaranteed to be functional and durable in high-traffic areas. From a porcelain counter in your kitchen to the shower walls in your bathroom, this versatile material can do it all!
Porcelain flooring has become extremely popular in recent years, due in part to the fact that porcelain floor tiles can provide a very similar aesthetic to natural stone but does not require the same level of maintenance that some of our customers find bothersome. This handsome material has a much greater density than many other flooring options, making it a great option for indoor and outdoor use.
Porcelain tile flooring also offers the incredible advantage of stain and water resistance, and its unyielding strength naturally resists chips and scratches. Especially in kitchen and bathroom remodel projects, porcelain can be customized to provide a classic look that can stand up to years of even the harshest daily wear and tear.
Porcelain mosaics are also fantastic for outdoor decorative projects or backsplashes throughout the interior of your home. Our expert design team can help you compose intricately patterned porcelain tiles to create a signature look that you are sure to love for years to come!
Italy has emerged as the global leader in porcelain manufacturers, and our partner factories supply the most exceptional quality materials directly to our tile store in Anaheim. Let our team of experts at Trendy Surfaces show you our passion for exceptional quality and excellent customer service.
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