With white natural stone topping the popularity charts, lighter varieties of limestone is a clear favorite in the remodel world. Naturally, Trendy Surfaces stocks the best and brightest with our Silky White Honed Limestone Slabs, and our Moon White Honed Limestone Slabs. We also stock darker varieties such as the Mocha Cream and Nova Grey Honed Limestone Slabs for those who prefer a different look. Our largest selection is in Portuguese Limestone slabs. While you may be considering limestone countertops in your kitchen remodel, it is important to remember that limestone tends to be more brittle and sensitive than other types of natural stone. As such, you must consider that a limestone countertop may sustain more noticeable damage in a heavily used kitchen. Nonetheless, our team at Trendy Surfaces will work with you on each component of your design to produce your desired results at the most reasonable cost. Call our showroom today to begin your next design project and find the perfect limestone slabs for your home! We do cut to size limestone projects as well!