As one of the softer and typically darker types of stone featuring a web of delicate veins, soapstone holds a unique appeal for many natural stone lovers. Soapstone also has the distinctive ability to absorb and evenly radiate heat, which makes it a fantastic material to use in fireplaces and kitchens. With these facts in mind, a beautiful set of soapstone countertops could be exactly what your next kitchen remodel project needs! Some of our most popular selections of soapstone slabs include the Black Soapstone Slab, the Green Soapstone Slab, and the Barroca Soapstone Slab. Our team at Trendy Surfaces will work with you and your interior designer to develop each component of your project to result in the trendiest design at the most reasonable cost. Call our showroom today to let us help start your next remodel project and find the perfect soapstone slabs for your home.